Exploring test frameworks and automated testing

Learn test automation fundamentals from guides and real-world tutorials using various tools and features that enable faster, more reliable testing.

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Which tests should you automate? The answer depends on your context and ROI, but these general practices should help you decide.
5 min
Here are the key components of a test automation framework, and how to put them together.
10 min
Here’s what a test automation setup that’s ready for continuous testing looks like—using Jenkins, Maven, and Selenium.
15 min
Object recognition is your most powerful method for building test automation scripts. Here's how to use it effectively.
6 min
Here's how to create and maintain Selenium scripts easily with intelligent object identification tools.
17 min
See a simple example of how a modern test automation framework, TestNG, runs parallel browser tests—and does so in a way that provides better insights
9 min