Secure DevOps

Secure DevOps, referred to as DevSecOps or Rugged DevOps by practitioners, is all about bringing together the design, development, and operational aspects of security into one continuous discipline throughout the software production lifecycle. For DevOps teams, it is crucial in providing the most secure applications possible.

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1. What is secure DevOps?

Secure DevOps, also called DevSecOps or Rugged DevOps by practitioners, is a term often used to describe DevOps practices that include security checks and reviews throughout the software production pipeline. It's no accident that "Sec" sits in the middle.

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2. Benefits of secure DevOps

Secure DevOps, with its fusion of security practices into the iterative development of agile and cross-disciplinary collaboration of DevOps, makes for a powerful combination that enhances security without slowing delivery.

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3. Tools & Techniques for secure DevOps

Learn the modern tools and team strategies for building a secure DevOps culture and pipeline.

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