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Continuous Testing

Continuous testing requires a shift in thinking. Learn the techniques for each stage in the pipeline to improve quality and increase velocity. 

Enterprise Agile

Agile practices are expanding beyond the dev team to benefit the entire business. Learn how agility works, at enterprise scale.

Containerized Architecture

Container technologies have empowered the DevOps generation, transforming how software is developed, delivered, and maintained.

Security Information and Event Management

Security log data records intrusions within microseconds. Learn how to use SIEM systems to safeguard your business.

Mobile Testing

Mobile software testing differs from general testing in many ways. Learn how to handle these challenges and be more competitive in this space.
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Learn efficient ChatOps techniques to communicate and automate critical events and triggers in your tech domain.
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Application Security

Learn the principles and techniques of application security and stay ahead of the threats.
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IT Operations Analytics

Learn how to leverage machine data, and more, to identify and help resolve root cause of failures and improve operational performance.

More Upcoming Tracks

Operations Analytics

Leverage big data and analytics to accelerate IT Ops to the speed of DevOps.

Continuous Testing

How to deliver at the speed of business without sacrificing quality.

Secure Applications

How to improve application security in the world of rapid delivery.


Connect, collaborate and remove barriers to innovation.

DevOps Leadership

What does DevOps really mean and how do you lead the transformation.

General Data Protection Regulation 101

How to ensure your data is secure, private and protected.