Agile basics

Get up to speed on essential agile concepts before moving on to more advanced topics in this track.

Start Learning
Learn what it means to be agile in the modern software development era as Mark Balbes annotates the Agile Manifesto for the modern day.
6 min
Learn the most frequent agile techniques organizations use. They include daily standups, iteration planning, retrospectives, & prioritized backlogs.
9 min
Learn the most frequent techniques product managers and agile leaders use to write user stories that lead to perfect MVPs, and later, great products!
14 min
Learn how to split user stories down to their most simple components so that developers can turn them around quickly for user feedback.
12 min
Learn how to start building high-performance features from the start of the design process with performance requirements in user stories.
9 min
Need to write an effective QA defect report? This checklist and example will help you get started.
8 min