Hybrid cloud basics

Learn the use cases for public and private cloud, how to link and manage them, and how to migrate your existing applications.

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Here's a quick summary of the components of a hybrid cloud, along with the pros and cons of the hybrid approach to cloud computing
10 min
David Linthicum shows you how to use hybrid cloud to host data and applications, including dev and test environments as well as for distributed...
7 min
Here's how to assess hybrid cloud requirements, including what investments are right for your organization in private and public cloud environments.
8 min
Here's how to implement your hybrid cloud requirements, and the essential processes and components of a build.
5 min
Learn the essential components of hybrid cloud operations, and how to support the teams that rely on hybrid cloud resources.
5 min
Learn what applications to migrate to your new new hybrid cloud environment, and learn the basics of the migration process.
6 min