Mobile Testing

Mobile software testing differs from general testing in many ways. Learn how to handle these challenges and be more competitive in this space.

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1. What is mobile testing?

Learn what is unique about the skills required and the tests themselves in the mobile environment.

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21 min read

3. Mobile testing automation

Learn the test types for mobile test automation, and how to choose tools for the job.

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35 min read

4. Mobile UX and usability testing

User experience and usability testing require a different approach when building mobile apps. Learn about the tests you need in order to ensure a satisfying experience for your customers when they use your app.

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27 min read

5. Mobile performance testing

No mobile app can succeed if it's not fast enough to please its users. Get all of the technical advice needed to build a mobile APM strategy and execute load testing, network tests, and other important mobile performance tests.

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17 min read

6. Mobile security testing

Understand the security threats in mobile app environments and learn how to test for those threats.

17 min read

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